Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Ministry? Here Is a Process the Devil Won’t Want You to Know About


If you’re an apostolic powerhouse like me, then you may have noticed how many people who need our help and everything seems so important it’s hard to prioritize. Then some people will even take advantage of our generosity, and the next thing you know something important will fall through the cracks, and you just want to serve, and be loved, and have joy. Sometimes you find yourself getting so maniacally focused everything else disappears until it’s over and you crash. Have you ever been in that state where so many people need your help and you know you can help them, and you do… and then you feel like you need to go into hibernation? Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. And all the while the devil is there in the background laughing.


What I needed was a way to turn more into less, to focus on the essentials and forget about the extraneous. That is the power of the process I’m about to share with you. For full disclosure, this process has its root in Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM). The difference is that I’ve transformed it from a self-help technique into a prayer. Like St. Thomas before me baptized Aristotle to create an impeccable worldview, I want to baptize Tony Robbins to create life-changing spiritual tools.


You may remember a time when you took your stress and exhaustion home with you and missed out on loving and connecting with the people you care about most. Worse, you may remember taking out your anger and frustration on them like George Bailey yelling at his piano-playing daughter when he thought he was going to go to jail. Ouch.

But was there also a time when you had Satan shaking in his boots? Do you remember a time when you were glorious, when you helped people and loved it, and at the same time took care of your relationship with God, your family, your friends, your body, your mind, and your heart? What was that like? Or if you’ve never been there, what would it be like? Can you even imagine what it’d be like to…


That’s what a Trinitarian RPM Plan is all about. Now, here are the three simple questions for creating a Trinitarian RPM Plan:

  1. Father, what is the result you most want me to accomplish here (today, this week, this year, etc.)? (then, “Father, what else do you want me to accomplish today, this week, or this year?”)
  2. For each result: Holy Spirit, why is it so important for me to accomplish this result? (Who will I become? How will I grow? Which virtues will I gain?)
  3. Jesus, what would you do in my place to accomplish the Father’s will? (or Jesus, what could I do to accomplish the Father’s will with ease, promptitude, and joy?”)

I hope this has served. God bless. Live from your heart.

write by Drake