Famous Couples Costumes To Wear At Your Halloween Party

Thinking of having fun by putting on the famous couples’ costumes with your other half this coming 2010 Halloween? Well, if you are toying with the idea, you are on the right path to enjoying the celebration with him or her. Many couples have the wrong impression that it could be tough to get something more or less similar to make them a pair.

They cannot be further from the truth and in this article, I am going to give you some suggestions on how you can appear at the Halloween party, dressed in the perfect couples costumes. The ladies can still be feminine while the men can be still look cool or funny when they are in couple outfits.

Now when it comes to nice couple Halloween outfits, what really makes the famous couples costumes so popular and successful? What you really want is to get others to notice the both of you and know who or what the two of you are disguising as. There are many indeed a wide variety of themes to pick from like movie characters, cartoon characters, historical figures, creatures from fairy tales, to name but a few.

Below are some great ideas on famous couple Halloween costumes.

1. Avatar Movie Adult Costumes
If you have watched the Avatar Movie, you will know that it was a very popular movie. Both you and your partner could dress up like the characters found in the movie.

For the ladies, you could put on the “Avatar Movie Sexy Neytiri Adult Costume”. This is a very provocative outfit and a new design of 2010. Your purchase comes with a vibrant blue bodysuit that has very bold blue stripes, a gray apron, gauntlet for the arm as well as 2 sets of multi-colored beads for the apron and wrist.

As for the gentlemen, you can dress up in the “Avatar Movie Jake Sully Deluxe Adult Costume” and become one with the land as a rugged warrior. You will make a perfect partner to match your Princess of Pandora.

This set of costume includes a tan pants with attached tail and tan st louis cardinals polo with ruched shoulders, black new orleans pelicans t shirt as well as character mask to complete your overall warrior like appearance.

With such a unique set of costume, both of you can really be the center of attraction at the party!

2. Princess Cinderella and Her Prince Charming
If you feel that the costumes above are too adventurous for you, this following set of famous couples’ costumes will definitely appeal to your taste. Yes, you would surely have read fairy tales about Cinderella and her Prince Charming and how they lived happily ever after! So why not dress up like them with your partner?

For the gentlemen, make your lady partner fall head-over-heels in love with you in this “Prince Charming Elite Collection Adult Costume”. You will look so dashing in this outfit that you will captivate every lady present! Your purchase includes a military style st louis cardinals polo and belt, maroon slacks with gold stripes at the sides, gold sash and even a medal to complete the picture.

The ladies will definitely love this set of “Enchanting Princess Elite Collection Adult Costume” which will make any lady wearing it look gorgeous. However, don’t forget to return before 12 midnight! This set of costume is a very worthwhile buy as it includes a full length satin in light blue and brocade ball gown with back zipper closure. There is also an attached silver, white and light blue brocade attached peplum. To give the dress its fullness, you have a hoop petticoat included. To top up the overall elegant outlook, you get to put on the long white gloves, choker and tiara which are included in the package.

So which of the above 2 outfits do you fancy? Don’t worry if both of you cannot decide on a set because there are many more available. Just check out the website for more famous couples’ costumes ideas! Enjoy your Halloween!

write by mitchell