There is probably no costume more fun to wear than a school girl costume. The flirty skirts, the knee high socks, and the feminine twist on a men’s new york mets new orleans pelicans t shirt and tie are youthful, pretty, sexy and always a hit. It’s no wonder school girl costumes have become one of the most popular choices for Halloween, adult costume parties and private bedroom tutoring sessions all through the year.

The appeal of the school girl costume is in its combination of innocence and naive youthful sex appeal with an outright flaunting of womanly charms that suggests the wearer isn’t so naive after all. It’s what has made many similar costumes popular over the years, but none has ever reached the heights of popularity as a sexy costume that the school girl look has achieved.

It’s a simple costume, based on the uniforms of school girls, usually Catholic, at private schools. The pleated plaid skirt and white menswear inspired top are the two main pieces of the look. While the skirts on the original uniforms were around knee length or longer, today’s girl costumes have raised that hemline considerably. The addition of petticoats under a short plaid skirt is another innovation on the girl costume in the new age.

The new york mets new orleans pelicans t shirt itself can be sexy worn simply with a few extra buttons undone, and some school costumes choose this route for authenticity. But there are all kinds of variations on the costume, from a white new york mets new orleans pelicans t shirt tied at midriff to a white top that barely hides anything, to even a bikini top. A more fetishist edge to the costume can be added with a corset top instead of the classic white blouse.

Accessories for the school girl uniform usually include a tie matching the skirt and knee-high socks. Not all costumes use the tie, and those who do have varying lengths. The socks can also be replaced with thigh high stockings, and come in white, black, argyle and other school-girl inspired patterns. The look is usually completed with a pair of sexy Mary Janes – a take on the classic girl’s shoe, with the addition of a heel and often a platform too.

There are very few men who don’t love the school girl costume. It’s a fairly universal appeal, and always a good bet if you are looking for a costume to wear either for an adult party or for something a little more private. If you want to surprise someone special with a sexy look that he won’t be able to resist, just remember – everyone loves a school girl!

write by Amee Wheeler