Easy Pencil Skirt – Free sewing patterns


Jersey, 70cm (8-14: 114cm wide, 16-20: 150cm wide)3cm-wide elasticFusible interfacing or hemming tape

Dimensions List


Cutting guide

PATTERN Front/back: cut two on the fold

NO PATTERN Front/back: cut two Meas A* x 66cm panels on the fold

*Meas. A Size 8: 22cm, 10: 23cm, 12: 24cm, 14: 25.25cm, 16: 26.5cm, 18: 27.75cm, 20: 29cm

1.5cm seam allowance used throughout.

Stitch a pencil skirt

1 If using the pattern, download and print it out, then cut out the pieces according to the cutting guide, then move on to step 2. If not, cut the pieces according to the no-pattern guide, measure 4.5cm across from the top-right corner and mark, then go 3.5cm down and another 5mm in, and join from here to the first point with a straight line. This will be the waistband casing. Measure 28.5cm down the right side and mark. Join this point to the bottom of the waistband line. Cut with the fabric on the fold, then repeat for the back.

2 Neaten all edges with an overlocker or overcast zigzag stitch. Pin the front and back pieces right sides together, sew the side seams with a straight stitch, then press open. Cut a piece of elastic to your waist measurement plus 2cm, then overlap the extra and stitch to form a ring.

3 Lay the elastic around the waistband of the skirt on the wrong side, lining up with the fabric edge. Pin, then sew in place using a stretch stitch. If using an overlocker, place the elastic 5mm down from the edge and overlock.

4 Fold the elastic down inside the skirt, then hand stitch in place at the side seams. Fold up and press a 3cm hem at the base, then stabilise the hem with interfacing or hemming tape. Topstitch the hem from the right side using a twin needle.