Easy Patchwork Bucket Bag – Free sewing patterns


Printed cotton, fat quarters Co-ordinating plain fabric Leather handles

Make a strip bag

1 Cut four patterned fabric strips, four times as long as the width, e.g. 6cm x 24cm, with a 5mm seam allowance all the way around. Repeat for the plain lining. Arrange the patterned pieces in a windmill shape, so each short edge lays against the long left-hand edge of the next piece.

2 Pin the pieces right sides together and stitch, stopping 5mm from the end of the seam. Clip the long edge of each at the end of the seam and fold it around the corner. Pin and stitch the long edges together in this way to make a bag with a zig zag edge. Make the lining in the same way, leaving a 5cm gap in one long seam for turning.

3 Slip the lining inside the bag outer, right sides together, and pin along the top zig zag edge. Sew around the top to join the lining and outer. Turn right sides out through the gap in the lining. Push out the points and topstitch around the top to neaten. Hand sew a pair of leather handles in place on either side. Measure the base and cut thick card this size to keep the bottom flat.