Easter Egg Cosies – Free sewing patterns


Get started

Fabric: Washington Street Studio Vintage 1930s Florals fat quarters; coordinating plain cotton; white cottonLightweight quilt waddingPom-poms, 20mmWhite yarn


Download and print the templates from sewmag.co.uk, then cut out two egg cosy shapes from printed cotton, lining and wadding. Attach the wadding to the back of the printed cotton with zig zag stitch before sewing the outer fabric right sides together, leaving the bottom flat edge open. Sew the lining in the same way, but leave a 5cm gap in the top.


Cut four ear pieces from a different printed cotton and sew right sides together in pairs, leaving the bottom edge open. Clip the curves and turn out. Pleat the bottom edge, turn the outer fabric right sides out and tack the ears to the bottom, matching the raw edges.


Slip the lining over the outer fabric, match up the bottom raw edge and sew around, securing the ears as you do so. Turn out the cosy through the gap in the lining before folding in the raw edges of the hole and topstitching closed. Push the lining inside the cosy and sew a neat running stitch around the edge.


Make a pom-pom from pale coloured yarn and attach it to the top of the cosy. Fold the ears back against the cosy, arranging as desired. Secure them in position with a few hand stitches through all the layers of fabric.