Drape Front Jacket – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: linen or jersey, 110cm x 150cm; contrasting, scrap (optional for back neck facing)

Dimensions List

Sizes 8-16Cutting GuideJacket front: cut one pairJacket back: cut one pairJacket sleeve: cut one pairJacket back neck facing: cut one on fold

1 Download and print the pattern pieces via the download button above. Pin each pattern piece to the material and cut out each one, referring to the illustrated guide above for placement. Mark on the notches relevant to your size with tailor’s chalk.

2 With right sides facing and working along the top, straight edges, fold in 1cm to the wrong side and press, fold over a further 1cm and press before edge stitching in place. Repeat for the second back panel.

3 With the right sides together, stitch the centre back seam using a straight machine stitch. Neaten the edges and press the seam to the right-hand side. With the right side facing, topstitch along the seam in a neat straight line.

4 Join the shoulder seams of the front and back panels of the jacket. Place the section with right sides together and work a straight machine stitch along the shoulder line. Neaten the edges and press the seam towards the back of the jacket.

5 Note that the back neck facing can be made from the same fabric as the body of the jacket, or you can use a contrasting fabric for effect. With wrong side facing, working along the base and side of the piece, fold in 1cm and press. With right sides facing, place the back neck facing to the back neck section of the jacket and pin in place. Using a straight machine stitch, sew along the upper section that will run along the back of the neck. Trim the seam allowance, clipping the curve for a smooth finish.

6 Turn the facing into the inside of the jacket and pin in place. Secure the back neck facing to the jacket using edge stitch. Ensure that the shoulder edge of the back neck facing is in line with the shoulder seams of the jacket and hand sew this in place with a slip stitch.

7 With right sides facing, align the notches around the top of the sleeve with the notches around the open armhole section on the body of the jacket.

8 Using a straight machine stitch, join the sleeve to the jacket. Neaten and press the seam allowances and repeat for the second sleeve.

9 Join the underarm seam by folding the sleeve with right sides facing and pinning. With a straight machine stitch work a seam from the armhole towards the cuff. Neaten the seam allowances and press. Repeat for the second sleeve.

10 Turn the 3cm hem allowance to the wrong side of the fabric – this should be done by first turning in 1.5cm, pressing, then turning in a further 1.5cm and pressing again. Stitch the hem using a straight machine stitch.

11 To finish the jacket, work around all the raw edges on the front drape sections and the base by pressing 1cm in towards the wrong side. Edge stitch in place.