Doughnut Pincushions – Free sewing patterns


Felt, various coloursFibre filling

Download and print the templates from Cut 12 doughnuts from brown felt. Sew two pieces together around the outermost edge using a 5mm seam allowance. Turn through to the other side and blanket stitch the inner holes together, leaving a 2.5cm turning gap.

Gently push stuffing through the hole until filled evenly. Blanket stitch the gap closed. Repeat with the remaining pieces to create six doughnuts. Cut six rough icing shapes from different coloured felts, changing the shape slightly for each piece.

To stitch small sprinkles, use contrasting thread to hand embroider 5mm lines at different angles onto a piece of icing, then press gently. Secure to a doughnut using glue, then leave to dry. Sew a few sprinkles over the edges of the icing to hold in place.

To create square shaped sprinkles, make a fringe by snipping thin strips into felt, leaving the top intact. Cut horizontally twice at equal widths. Glue the squares onto a piece of icing, then make some small stitches to secure. Attach to the doughnut by sewing more squares overlapping the edge of the felt.

For a dripped icing effect, glue a felt icing piece to the top of a doughnut. Make large stitches over the top of the felt to create long lines. Hide the start and finishing stitches under the icing.