Dermot the dinosaur – Free sewing patterns


• Printed fabric, fat quarter• Plain cotton, fat quarter• Felt, yellow• Toy filling• Embroidery thread,yellow, navy

Dimensions List

17cm x 27cm (excl. legs)

stitch a dino buddy

1 Download and print the templates at Cut out four arms and four legs (two left and two right) from plain cotton and sew each limb right sides together, leaving a 4cm gap in each. Clip the curves, then turn right side out. Stuff, then fold in the raw edges of the gap. Slip stitch closed.

2 Cut two mirrored body shapes from patterned fabric (turn one of the fabrics over to do this). Cut 11 felt circles ranging from 2.5cm to 4cm. Tack in place along the right side of one body piece. Lay the other body piece on top, right sides together, then sew around, leaving a 7cm gap along the bottom edge. Clip the curves, then turn right side out.

3 Pin the limbs to the sides of the body, then use extra strong thread to make one 5mm long stitch at the top of each. Reinforce with a couple more stitches in the same place. Stuff the body, then fold in the raw edges. Slip stitch closed. Embroider a smiley mouth and eyes using three strands of embroidery thread.