Delta Dolphin – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: patterned, fat quarters; cotton, plain Fibre fillingButtons

1 Download the templates at, print and cut out. Trace the template pieces onto thin card and draw around them onto the reverse of patterned fabric. Use the pencil line as a sewing guide and snip, adding a 5mm seam allowance to each piece. Cut a gusset, tail, and two fin pieces from a pale fabric, then two body pieces, a tail and two fins from dark print.

2 Match up the dark and light tail and fin pieces, right sides together, and layer onto quilt wadding. Sew all round, leaving the flat sections open and trim the excess wadding away. Turn out and topstitch 2mm in from the edges. Tack the fins to each body piece where indicated on the template, matching the dark prints together. Tack the body pieces to each side of the gusset, right sides together, easing the fabric on the curves and enclosing the fins. Sew down both seams.

3 Match up the top line of the body and sew right sides together, leaving the tail end unsewn. Clip the curves and turn out. Fold in 5mm around the tail end, tack and press. Firmly stuff the dolphin. Tuck the raw end of the tail piece into the gap at the end and hand stitch in place with small oversew stitches. Add two small black buttons to either side of the head for eyes.