David McHank – A Visual Artist

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This week I caught a few words with David McHank an artist in San Diego, California. I found his work on MySpace.com and thought it was a lot of fun, and modern. If you like comic books, cartoons, and bears, you’ll enjoy his work too!

What inspires you?

David: I get it from all sides. Animation, children’s books, comic books, old cereal boxes, heavy metal and punk records, Old National Geographic magazines, Jim Henson, Maurice Sendak, and Rick Fork. Music is a huge influence. A lot of times I’ll hear a line in a song wrong and think of a visual that accompanies it. Plus I love o hang out at the library…seriously, I will just go there and pull out books a dozen at a time and scour through them.

Where is your art available for the public to view and buy?

David: I have shows a few times a year. I’m going to have one up in San Jose in June, and then I’ll look into having another in San Diego within the next few months after that. Aside from shows, if anyone is interested, they can look at my constant updates on this


and they can contact me either through myspace (htp;//www.myspace.com/mchank) or email me directly at [email protected]

When did you realize you wanted to do what you’re currently doing and when did you begin?

David: I started doing fliers for bands when I was in high school. The first

show I did a flier for was MDC with Nasal Sex at the Cactus Club in

San Jose. It was a pretty terrible flier.This was 1991, so I was 16.

I did my first album cover in 1994, when I was a senior in high

school for a band called Seed. There were a ton of fliers in between

the first one and this album cover, so I feel better about my image

that they used, it was a linoleum block print of two cats fighting and

a guy freaking out. They used it on shirts too, I still have one

locked up in the archives.

I guess to answer your question, I really always wanted to do album

covers and t-shirts for bands, since I was a little little kid. I

think if I pinpoint a moment, it would be when I was 7 or 8 and saw

Yellow Submarine on TV, and asked my godfather if he had any Beatles

records. He had Revolver and Rubber Soul, and I remember clearly

staring at the cover of Revolver for hours, trying over and over to

draw it and copy all the little details.

What are your favorite items to use in your art?

David: I get bored, so, this switches a lot. Some days I use ink and brush,

sometimes it’s acrylic paint, sometimes watercolor, sometimes just a

ball point pen. I also do a little bit of pixel stuff– I tried

photoshop for it once but was more happy with the plain old microsoft

paint program.

Do you have any favorite products you use when creating your art?

David: Honestly, I end up preferring the cheapest little plastic handle

brushes, the ones you buy a ten pack for a dollar at wal-mart over any

expensive brushes I’ve used…. Which is a blessing, I suppose.

Are you a part of any artist communities online or offline?

David: No… but myspace has been huge as far as meeting artists and interacting with them. I’m friends with a few people that are amazingly talented-I mean sincerely blow me away…Martin Ontiveros, Scott Mcpherson, Mikey McCardle, Bwana Spoons, Travis Millard…those guys are all devastating. I’m not even at their level. I found most of them through bands, or comics they’ve made.

Do you have a favorite piece that you have created?

David: I’m more critical of myself than of anyone else. There’s one I’m partial to…It’s a little bear falling asleep while fishing, and a pink whale taking a look at thim from under the surface.

Other than that, i’m pretty happy with the Lionel the Tiger picture, which was drawn using my mouse in ms paint in about 4 minutes.

The pieces that get the most compliments are the one of the Beulah Whale, and the Hialeah buck.

What themes do you have in your art?

David: Bears…drunk bears…something about starting drawing them is addicting. Also, wings. I love that I can sit and work on their details…they’re pretty satsifying to draw.

Do you see yourself moving in any new directions?

David: Yeah, that’s something I’m trying to always do. It’s a balance…I try not to forget my influences and roots, but expand at the same time. Every once in a while, I get lucky and something new comes out of my brush, and I surprise myself.

Thank you Daivid McHank!

write by Gregory

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