Cuddly bunny – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton, fat quarter: oval rose; white rose; ornament; gingham, green; spotted, teal; plain, whiteFelt, pinkFibre fillingThread, embroideryRibbon, satin, pink, 7mmButtons, pink, 15mm, twoPress studs

Dimensions List

Approx 15cm x 52cm

Stitch a bunny

Fold gingham fabric in half right sides together and trace the body, arm, leg and ear shapes using the templates. Cut out from both layers leaving a 5mm seam allowance. Fold spotted fabric in half and trace the arm, leg and ear shapes only. Cut out as before.

Pair up the pieces, right sides together so that each limb and ear are made of both fabrics and the body is made from gingham only. Set the ears aside and stitch around the remaining pieces, joining points A together, then join points B together to form darts in the head and bottom of bunny. Leave a gap for turning and stuffing where indicated on the pattern.

Pin the ears to pink felt and cut to size. Stitch around all three layers leaving a gap at the base. Trim the felt as close to the stitching as possible and turn out so the ears are slightly padded. Turn out all the other pieces and press.

Firmly stuff the arms, turn in the raw edges of the gap and oversew closed. Stuff the legs and tack the tops closed. Stuff the head and close up the gap as before. Use a stitch ripper to carefully open part of the head dart seams. Make a tuck in the base of each ear and push through the seam gap. Pin in place and oversew the seam closed, holding the ears in place as you do so.

Open the dart seams at the bottom of the body, insert the tops of the legs and sew closed, as for the ears. Pin the arms to the sides of the body and make button joints using strong thread for extra security, passing it through the tops of the arms and the body from button to button several times.

Embroider the features onto the face using satin and chain stitches with three strands of embroidery thread, covering any knots with embroidery for a neat finish.

Make the shorts

Fold over 12cm of white rose fabric right sides in and trace two short pattern pieces on the fold. Cut out with a 5mm seam allowance. Open out and place right sides together. Stitch along the two curved sections. Open out the resulting tube, pin together and stitch the inside legs. Double hem 1cm at the bottom of the legs and slip stitch.

Double hem 1cm at the top of the shorts and slip stitch, leaving a 2cm gap in the hem at the back. Use a small safety pin to thread narrow elastic through the channel. Knot the ends together, trim and stitch up the gap.

Make a tuck in the bottom of each short leg to narrow the diameter. Secure with a few small stitches and add a pink ribbon bow.

Create the tunic

Cut two tunic pieces from folded oval rose fabric and two from plain white Open out and cut one piece of each fabric down the centre to make two halves. Pair the fabric pieces up right sides together and stitch around the curved necklines, armholes and straight edges of the back halves.

Clip the curves, turn out and press each piece. Pin and stitch the slanted sides of the tunic front lining to the back lining. Fold together, right sides out. Repeat for the sides of the printed fabric. Join the shoulders with French seams for a neat finish.

Cut a strip of green ornament fabric, 6cm x 70cm, and fold in half lengthways, right side out. Press the fold, turn in the short ends and gather the raw edges to the width of the tunic hem (about 42cm). Tack the frill to the edge of the tunic front, right sides and raw edges together.

Turn down the frill and press. Turn under 5mm of the lining fabric and slip stitch over the raw edges of the frill to hide them. Stitch two pairs of press studs to the back edges of the tunic to fasten.