Few things can make you feel as rich as soft, fluffy velvet. Velvet is usually associated with wealth and royalty, but it has become a common way to add a quick touch of elegance to any piece of clothing. This Dunk Low does just that.

The velvet seems to add an extra level of comfort and a better look

This Dunk Low is made of soft crushed green velvet from the toe to the heel. Depending on the angle of the light, it shows different shades of the color. Like the recently released Air Max 95 “Green Velvet,” the inside of these Dunks is green. The shoelaces and midsole are white, and the rubber outsole is the same emerald green. With this many “Green Velvet” Nike shoes on display, it’s clear that more shoes like the Air Force 1 and Blazer will be made in the same style.


The “Green Velvet” Nike Dunk Low is one of the better shoes in this line. The green suede is different from what we usually see on the Dunk, and the look as a whole is very nice. The shoe’s simple but stylish design makes it a great choice for both men’s and women’s fashion.