Cross stitch and patchwork drawstring bag – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, patterned, selection; plain, white; stripedWaste canvas, 14 countRibbon, spotty, red, 1mButtonsThread, stranded


Tack waste canvas to the front of white cotton, 10cm square, then use the chart and two strands of thread to cross-stich a posy. Starting at the centre, work through both layers.

When complete, dampen the canvas and remove it thread by thread, using tweezers if necessary. Press the square.


Cut 15, 7.5cm squares from patterned cotton, each with a 6mm seam allowance. Trim the cross-stitched square to match. 2Arrange them in rows of four and stitch by hand or machine, with a 6mm seam allowance, then press. Sew buttons decoratively and add a fabric yo yo, if desired.

Make a rectangle of patchwork for the back, as before. Cut two strips of striped fabric the same width as the patchwork and 11cm deep. Sew one to the top-back and the other to the top-front.

Stitch the sides and bottom of the bag, with right sides together. Turn a hem at the top and make a 3cm channel, leaving an opening at the sides. Thread spotty red and white ribbon through the casement and knot the ends.