Christmas Mistletoe Cushion and Decoration Set – Free sewing patterns


Felt, various coloursPolar fleece, whitePom poms, white, redCushion padFusible webbingSatin ribbon, red, two sizesZip, whiteAdhesives

Create a mistletoe cushion

1 Create a leaf template, 6cm long, from card and prepare 50 shapes in two shades of green felt, with more in the darker colour. Cut two squares of polar fleece, 30cm across, for the cushion cover.

2 Type the word ‘noel’ on your computer using Arial Nova Light font. Increase size to 140 and print in bold. Cut fusible webbing, 8cm x 11cm, and with the backing facing you, iron to the reverse of red felt. Turn over the paper wording, stick to the backing and cut out the letters.

3 Peel off the paper backing, position the wording in the centre of one of the fleece squares and iron to stick the letters in place. Lightly draw the outline of a circle around the word, checking it’s an equal distance from the cushion edge on both sides.

4 Position the leaves around the outline, three at a time, overlapping them slightly. Stitch across each leaf from the point to the middle, using a darker thread. Repeat until the circle is covered and a wreath shape is formed.

5 Place the second fleece square on top of the first, right sides facing. Stitch around the edges, leaving a gap on the base, 23cm across. Attach a zip, turn the cover out, tease out the corners and press. Insert a cushion pad.

6 Add white pom poms in groups of three around the wreath, and glue a red one to the end of the wording. Stick a red satin bow to the base of the wreath.

Make tree hangings

1 Use the template to create three green felt leaves, two dark and one light. Cut a length of ribbon and fold into a loop. Place the ends at the top of the light green leaf and stitch through the shape from the point to the centre, catching the ribbon as you sew.

2 Stitch similar veins into the dark green leaves, fan them on each side of the pale shape and stick in place, covering the ribbon ends. Stick three white pom poms to the front and three on the back.