Chantelle Cropped Jacket – Free sewing patterns



Fabric, 2m (150cm)Lining fabric, 1.5mContrast piping, 1.5mFusible interfacing, 1m

Cutting Guide

Upper back: cut one on the foldLower back: cut one on the foldUpper front: cut twoLower front: cut twoPocket: cut fourFront facing: cut two in fabric and interfacingBack facing: cut one on the fold in fabric and interfacingSleeve: cut two in fabric and liningSleeve facing: cut twoFront lining: cut twoBack lining: cut one on the fold1.5cm seam allowance used, except for the lining where 1cm is used.

Dimensions List

Size 8-20Please search for Size Guide on our website for a measurements chart

1 Download and cut out the pattern, following the cutting guide. Place piping on the right side seam edge of the lower back, and sew. Place the upper back piece over the piping, right sides together, matching the centre notch and side edges, then stitch.

2 Attach piping to the edge of the lower front pieces, and place a pocket over the piping, matching the centre notch and circles. Pin vertically at each circle and stitch in between the pins, then press the pocket seam away from the lower front. Pin the pocket on the upper front and stitch as before, then press the pocket away from it.

3 Place the upper front over the lower front, and stitch from the side edge to the pin marker and from the front edge to the marker. Press the seams open. Push in the pocket pieces on the wrong side of the jacket, then stitch. Press open the seam between the lower and upper fronts. Join the front and back jacket at the shoulder, then press the seam open.

4 Stitch the piping in place at the bottom of the sleeve, then insert the sleeves, matching the notches and shoulder circle. Sew the sleeve and jacket side seams from hem to wrist, making sure that the piping is aligned. Turn a 4cm hem on the jacket edge and press, then tack to secure.

5 Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the front and back facings, then join them at the shoulder seam. Press the seam open. Attach the facing to the jacket, and match the notches, shoulder seams and centre back pieces, right sides together. Sew all the way around the jacket, clip the curves and trim any seams.

6 Understitch the facing on the back neck and front edges, then turn it to the inside of the jacket and press. Slipstitch the hem and remove the tacking. Sew the shoulder seams of the front and back lining with a 1.5cm seam allowance, then insert the sleeves, matching the notches and using a 1cm seam allowance.

7 Stitch the sleeve and side seams of the lining from wrist to hem, and press the seams to one side. Pin the lining to the front and back facing, right sides together, and stitch all the way around. Turn the lining inside the jacket and press the seam around the facing.

8 Push the sleeve lining inside and pin in place, matching the seams and notches at the wrist. Sew the sleeve facings together, press the seam open and neaten the edges. Place the facing over the sleeve edge, matching the seams and notches, then trim the seam.

9 Iron the facing away from the sleeve edge and understitch it, then turn inside. Press and hand-stitch the facing to the sleeve lining. Turn up the lining hem and pin to secure, ensuring that the side seams, jacket and lining centre backs are lined up at the hem edge. Hand-sew the lining in place.