Canvas Wall Art Decor Tips – Decorating A Baby’s Nursery

Decorating a newborn infant’s room is fun and exciting for both parents. If you know whether you are expecting a boy or a baby girl, then you can decide on a theme or color motif. If you prefer to be surprised about your baby’s gender, you can still decorate the nursery with neutral colors like mint green or yellow.

There are many choices for a nursery’s design theme but it is important to remember that safety should come first. The room also has to promote tranquility and quiet surroundings. If you are expecting a girl, ideal decor would involve flowers, butterflies and angels.

If you are decorating a baby boy’s room animals and adventure come to mind. You can hang canvas wall art of animals like dogs or polar bears. You can paint the walls blue or paint a mural of a jungle with animals and trees.

For a little girl’s room, hang flower canvas pieces with pink ribbons, place a pink area cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt on the floor. Install window treatments that compliment your color motif. Buy pink crib sheets for baby girls and blue bed linens for boys.

Use calming colors like blue or green. Place luminous stars on the ceiling for the baby to look at while they lay in bed. You also should consider wooden floors rather than wall to wall carpet. Carpets can harbor allergens that could affect the baby’s health.

When choosing furniture consider pieces the baby can use as they grow older. Cribs should be painted with lead-free paint. The crib should also meet safety standards. Furnish the room with drawers, cabinets, a changing table, a and rocking chair.

Build shelves for future use when your baby becomes a toddler. Low shelves can be used as storage places for toys and other things. Buy some picture books for the shelves which you can show to your baby as early as 6 months.

Paint these shelves and the walls and ceiling. The paint also acts as a disinfectant and makes the room look clean and sanitary. Hang wooden letters spelling out your baby’s name if you have already thought of a name for him or her.

Hang brightly colored toys from the ceiling or walls that your baby can look at. If you will be decorating the walls with canvas wall art, hang paintings that your baby can see from the crib. Brightly colored pictures can keep a baby entertained for hours.

Always remember that safety should be the first priority. If you are placing stand-alone cabinets and drawers, make sure they are bolted securely to the wall behind it. Avoid hanging things directly above the baby’s crib. Make sure that canvas wall art near the crib are also securely hung.

write by Fidelia