Can A White Handbag Not Look Tacky?

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Many people think that white handbags look tacky and therefore shy away from them but if you do, then you could end up missing out on what white purses can bring to your look. With the advice and tips that are in this article we can get you taking that forgotten white handbag out of your closet and out and into the sunshine.

The material that a handbag is made from can make a huge difference to its look. Stay away from plastic or any material that resembles plastic because there is nothing that is tackier than having a white plastic handbag.

A white handbag should compliment the outfit that you are wearing so be sure that you take that into consideration before you leave you front door. White handbags can look great with darker colors like blacks or dark blues and it can look very appealing while you are wearing an earth tone colored outfit as well.

One of the drawbacks of white is the fact that it can look dirty even with the slightest amount of marks on it. Always keep your bag clean and before you go out the door give it an inspection and a wipe if needed. You don’t want to be out and realize that your handbag looks filthy.

A white bag may be more appropriate for some occasions but not others. Showing up to work with a white handbag can be seen as tacky but that really will be determined on the outfit that you are wearing to work. Try to use common sense when you are choosing a handbag to go out with. A white bag can look tacky if you are showing up to work in a t-shirt and jeans but on the other hand if you are dressed up in business attire then it can certainly look appropriate.

A white bag doesn’t have to be pure white there are many other shades that you can choose from as well. If you feel that bright white will look too tacky then why not choose a different shade of white? There are so many different shades of white to choose from so certainly you can find one that you will like.

A white handbag can compliment an outfit in so many ways so go and get your white handbags out of the closet and bring it out and into the sunshine. The truth is that nothing looks tacky if you know what to pair it up with, so just think about what else you will wear to complement your handbag!

write by Maris

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