Button-Up Cami – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, 1.5m (150cm)Five small buttonsLightweight fusible interfacing1.5cm seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise stated.



Dimensions List

Front: cut one pairBack: cut one on the foldFront facing: cut one pair in fabric and one in fusible interfacingBack facing: cut one on the fold


Download the template, print and follow the cutting guide. Stitch the darts into the front top pieces from the edge to the points. Press the darts towards the armholes, then neaten the side seam edges and the curved edge of both front and back pieces.


Position the shoulders of the front and back pieces, right sides facing, then pin and stitch the shoulder seams together. Press the seam allowances open. Fuse the interfacing onto the front facings and neaten the curved edges across the base of the back facing.


Match, pin and stitch the shoulder seams, right sides together, then press the seams open. Flatten the top pieces, right sides up, and lay the facing on top, right sides down. Match the necklines and, down each front opening, pin and stitch from the base of the front facing to the neckline and down to the base on the opposite side.


Clip the curves, then understitch. Lay the top pieces out as before, matching the edges of the facing and top around the armholes, then pin and stitch together. Clip the armhole seam allowance and turn right sides out by threading the front top parts through the shoulders.


Tease out the seam allowance around the neckline, armholes and front opening, then press. Match the side seams together, pin and stitch from the notches indicated on the template to the underarm and into the facing, making sure the armhole seams stay open.


The side seams and small part of the facing are one continuous seamline. Press the seam open, then fold the facing inside the top and secure the edge to the side seam. Fold and press 5mm around the base of the top. Unfold the front facing base, and stitch it in line with the pressed hem.


Trim the bulk from the corners and fold the facing inside. Edgestitch the hem, around the front curve, across the side seam, around the curved back, across the opposite side seam and back to the front. Mark and stitch five buttonholes on the right-hand side of the front opening. Handstitch buttons on the opposite side in corresponding positions.