Butterfly garland and wall hanging – Free sewing patterns


Eyelet setter (if you don’t have an eyelet setter, you could cut out irregular shapes instead)


Using the template cut out eight large butterflies in different coloured felt, four of each shape, and eight smaller butterflies in contrasting colours and corresponding shapes for the fronts.

Lay the larger butterflies evenly along the length of your 1m green ribbon, leaving 10cm at each end until you are happy with the placement. Stick small pieces of the pink ric-rac in between the butterflies (you can stitch them in place in dark pink thread). Remove the butterflies.

Stitch around the edges of each large butterfly in contrasting thread. You can use the paper method if desired. Repeat this for the smaller butterflies, but stitch a little more detail and punch or cut out a few holes.

Place the large butterflies at different angles on the length of ribbon in between the ric-rac and secure with a few stitches in the middle of each butterfly where they won’t show. Now place each corresponding small butterfly on top. Using brown thread stitch an oval body to secure.

Make a loop at either end, secure with stitches and add a large black button to cover them.

Wall hanging

Using the method in step three of the garland, make six butterflies in two different sizes and in contrasting colours of your choice.

Take the remaining length of ric-rac and leaving 18cm at the top and 8cm at the bottom, sandwich it in between each double butterfly. Secure each butterfly by stitching an oval body in brown thread.

At the top and bottom butterfly make a loop and catch the raw ends of the ric-rac inside the butterfly. Stitch a black button on to four random butterflies to finish.