Bumblebee Toy – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, assorted cotton fat quartersFusible adhesive Quilt wadding Fibre fillingFusible adhesive Embroidery thread

1 Download the templates, then print and cut out. Trim black print fabric, 11cm x 30cm. Snip two pieces of each yellow and black material, 4cm x 30cm. Sew right sides together in an alternating pattern to make a striped panel. Press and cut two bee body shapes from the panel, ensuring the head area is in the main black section.

2 Trim a mask from yellow fabric backed with fusible adhesive. Iron the mask onto the centre of one of the head sections and zig zag stitch to secure. Embroider eyes and a mouth onto the mask with two strands of black thread. Cut two pairs of antennae from yellow, sew right sides together leaving the bottom end open. Turn out and lightly stuff. Tack the ends to the top of one head section, matching raw edges.

3 Pair up the bee pieces, right sides together, matching up stripes where possible. Sew all the way round, securing the antennae as you do so, leaving a small gap in the side for turning. Turn out and stuff firmly with fibre filling. Fold in the raw edges of the gap and slip-stitch closed.

4 Cut two wing sections from white patterned fabric, place right sides together onto quilt wadding and sew around the edges, leaving a small gap in a straight area. Trim away the excess wadding and turn out. Press the wings and slip-stitch the gap closed before handstitching to the back of the bee along the centre line.