Build Bigger Muscle and Gain Weight Quickly

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You need to take your training very seriously and not treat it as a hobby. Like the old saying goes, work it like a hobby and you will get hobby-like results. You need to treat every set like it is the very last one for the day. Keep track of the amount of time that you rest in between each set, and be honest about it.

Try to avoid working out in front of the mirror. This only distracts you and keeps you from getting in the “zone” so to speak. If you have no choice other than being in front of a mirror, then I suggest that you wear a long sleeve shirt or sweater to keep your mind on what is at hand.

You need to push your muscles harder than the previous workout. You need to give it all that you have to lift heavier weights at each and every workout. Continually lifting the same amount of weight will just tell the muscles that you are not serious about adding strength and mass to them. To build bigger muscle, aim for a 5% increase in the amount of weight that you will lift each week.

Set your goals to get in as many sets as possible in the shortest amount of time. This will place your muscles under greater stress and will recruit more muscle fiber to react and grow. Lift weights close to your maximum threshold and your rest periods should be shorter between each set. Monitor your progress and adjust the routine accordingly.

write by Ivor

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