Boy’s Jersey Top – Free sewing patterns


Cotton jersey, 60cmCotton Lycra ribbing, 5cmCoordinating threadFreezer paper, 30cmSmall scissorsFabric paint

Dimensions List

1-8 yearsCutting guideCotton/Lycra ribbingAge 1: 4.5cm x 28cmAge 2: 4.5cm x 30cmAge 3: 4.5cm x 31.5cmAge 4: 4.5cm x 32.5cmAge 5: 5cm x 34cmAge 6: 5cm x 36cmAge 7: 5cm x 38cmAge 8: 5cm x 39.5cm

Create a T-shirt

1 Download and print the pattern. Print or draw the stencilling pattern onto the dull side of freezer paper or alternatively, draw your own design. Cut out carefully.

2 Iron the paper to your fabric, shiny side down, using a medium heat setting with no steam. Use a blunt brush or sponge to apply a thin layer of fabric paint [1]. When dry, apply a second coat. Follow the manufacturer’s directions as you may need to iron the paint between applications to set. When dry, remove the paper carefully so it can be reused.

3 Use the pattern provided to cut your fabric on the crosswise grain, to allow it to be more stretchy across and less stretchy from top to bottom. Pin and sew the shoulder seams with right sides facing [2]. Stitch using a straight stitch on a sewing machine, or stretch setting on an overlocker with a 6mm seam allowance.

4 Take one sleeve piece and match the notch to the shoulder seam. Pin along the entire curved edge, with right sides facing [3]. Sew in place and repeat with the second sleeve. With right sides facing, pin the sides together, and sew from the sleeve to the bottom, ensuring the armpit seams match [4].

5 Following the cutting guide, trim a strip of cotton/Lycra ribbing or jersey. Sew the short ends with right sides together to form a ring. Fold it in half along the whole length to form a double layer ring of fabric with right sides facing out. Turn the T-shirt the right way out and pin the ring to the neckline. The ring should be on the outside, with all raw edges pointing upwards. Adjust it, taking time to ensure it is stretched evenly. Match the seam on the ring to one of the shoulder seams.

6 Sew around the neckline using an overlocker, or a narrow zigzag stitch on a sewing machine. To help the neckline sit correctly, topstitch it using a twin needle and a medium stitch length. Turn up 1.5cm on each arm and pin. Sew using either a double needle or zigzag stitch. Fold a 2cm hem at the bottom of the T-shirt, pin and sew, again using a twin needle or zigzag stitch.