Bonnie Skirt – Free sewing patterns



Fabric, 1.3m (150cm)Fusible interfacing, 25cmNarrow elastic

Suggested fabrics

Stretch knits, such as viscose jersey and Ponte Roma



Cutting guide

Front skirt: cut one on the foldBack skirt: cut one on the foldWaistband and tie belt: cut one on the fold1cm seam allowance throughout, unless otherwise stated.

Download the pattern from, then print and follow the cutting guide. Right sides together, pin the darts on the back skirt and stitch. Press towards the side of the skirt. Pin the back and front skirt pieces together at the side seams, right sides together and matching notches. Stitch, then trim the seam allowance and neaten the edges using an overlocker or zig zag stitch. Press the seam towards the back.

Right sides together, fold the waistband and belt piece in half lengthways and pin from the slanted end of the belt to the marked circle. Stitch the long seam, then across the ends. Trim the seam allowance and turn right side out. Press the edges along the seam line edge, then snip the seam allowance to the stitching at the top of the tie belt.

Keep the waistband section folded in half and press along the fold. Neaten the raw edges. Pin the waistband in position around the top of the skirt, with each end of the tie belt positioned at the marked circles on the left side of the front. Stitch the waistband in place between the marked circles.

Press the seam allowance down towards the skirt, pin in place and stitch to the skirt to form a casing for the elastic. Measure a piece of elastic to fit comfortably around your waist, and thread it through the casing section. Stitch across each end of the elastic to secure. Turn under the small section of the top of the skirt between the two ends of the tie belt and stitch.

Fold the waistband down towards the skirt along the waist edge at the top of the elastic casing and press into position. Turn up the hem and stitch in place. Apply a strip of fusible interfacing to the inside of the hem turning to add stability.