Betsie Bunny Toy – Free sewing patterns


Cotton, assorted fat quarters Lightweight 2oz quilt wadding Fibre fillingEmbroidery thread

1 Download and print the templates. Place main and contrast fabrics right sides together, and use the templates to draw two ear shapes onto the fabric. Cut out as basic rectangles and pin the layers on a piece of quilt wadding. Sew along the drawn lines, leaving the straight base open.

2 Cut out the ears with pinking shears, leaving a 5mm allowance. Trim away excess wadding from the base, turn out and press. Pin a pleat on the contrast side of the ear and tack. This side will face the front.

3 Cut out two body pieces from the main fabric. With right sides together, pin the darts at the base and stitch. Lay the ears onto one body piece, matching the raw edges, and pin. Check the position of the ears before laying the second body piece over the top, right sides together, and pin. Stitch around the body, enclosing the ends of the ears and leaving a 4cm gap at the base.

4 Turn the body right side out and ensure the ears are level. Firmly stuff the bunny with fibre filling, then fold in the raw edges of the gap at the base and slip-stitch closed. Use three strands of embroidery thread to hand-sew features centrally on the top half of the bunny’s front to create a face.