Beach Hut Doorstop – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: canvas stripes, blue and white, red; canvas waves, blue and red; heavy cotton/ twill, 60cm square; cotton, 15cm squareMedium weight interfacing, 60cm squareFusible webbing, 15cm square Button Stuffing, 300g Dried pulses, 500g1cm seam allowance used throughout, unless otherwise stated.

Download and print the template. Press fusible webbing to the reverse of all the fabrics, except those being used for the appliquéd door, window and bunting. Cut out one base, two roofs, one front, one back, and two sides. Mark the letters along the correct edges. Press fusible webbing to the reverse of the appliqué fabrics, before using the templates to cut out one door, one window and five flags.

Remove the backing paper from the door and other details, then position on the right side of the cut-out front piece of fabric. Press in place before embroidering details to the window and adding running stitches around the door and bunting strings. Stitch a button to the door as a handle.

Lay the front piece flat, right side facing upwards. Place a roof piece along a top pointed edge of the front piece, meeting up the ‘A’ edges as marked on the templates. Place the second roof piece on the opposite side, again meeting up an ‘A’ edge of the roof to the ‘A’ edge of the front. Add both the sides in this way, matching a ‘B’ edge of a side piece to a ‘B’ edge of the front, then the base along the bottom, meeting up the ‘C’ edges.

With right sides of the fabric together, sew along the lettered edges. Start and stop stitching 1cm from each corner. Bring together and make the corresponding edges: for example, an open edge of a roof piece with the top open edge of a side piece. Pick up the back piece, pin, then tack to the remaining open edges to finish the beach hut shaping. Stitch around, working one edge at a time. Leave a 12cm gap along the bottom for turning through.

Turn through to the right side, pushing out corners before stuffing. Fill a cotton pouch or food bag with 500g dried pulses, rice or baking beads and add into the base. Close the gap with a whip stitch.