Bass Fishing Ninja-Style – Responsibly Fishing Those "Unfishable" Spots is Highly Rewarding

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We’ve all been there. Driving on the freeway, we see that lush green golf course with a series of ponds that look like would have to be holding bass. Or passing by a rock quarry that’s been partially filled. Maybe there’s a city park that closes once the sun goes down. What ever the case, you probably convinced yourself of quality and quantity of the monster fish inhabiting your local taboo lake/pond/sinkhole. And then you told yourself, “if only…” Well, stop telling yourself “if only” and get out there and find out! Most anglers would be extremely surprised at how voraciously bass feed at night and during the the right moon phase, it can be downright ridiculous!

When deciding on whether your mission site is appropriate, try and avoid residences. A homeowner is more likely to overreact than a night watchman at the local country club. And depending on your local laws, you are risking much more than a simple ticket. That said, in most cases the most you have to fear is a citation. Nevertheless, it’s smarter to a bring cheaper rod and reel in case you need to ditch the equipment in your getaway. If you are spotted and someone is searching for you, a cheap flashlight makes a great decoy from a distance. Simply ditch the flashlight and run the opposite direction, or, loop around the lake to where you need to be.

One thing a lot of first time ninja bass anglers overlook is the proper attire. For obvious reasons, a good pair of sneakers are better than boots. Blue jeans are fine, but black is better. Your lucky fishing shirt won’t cut it here. You need a black or navy long sleeve fishing shirt for this mission. Apex Predator has a good selection of shirts perfect for your stealthy sojourn. And a black baseball cap or other dark cap will complete the uniform. Which brings up the point, which may seem obvious but really isn’t, that you really need to use your light as little as possible.

It may seem silly, but thinking like a ninja is the best way to avoid detection. If you are spotted, you need to decide whether you want to try diplomacy (fight, albeit with your wits) or to book it (flight). In the first case, watchmen are likely to let you off with nothing more than a warning if you have decent communication skills. In the second case, get ready for the adrenaline rush of the chase! Combine the adrenaline with the large bass you are sure to catch and you will quickly learn how addictive ninja fishing can be!

Like a ninja, it is of extreme importance to leave no trace of your presence. I cannot stress this point enough. This starts with safely releasing every fish you catch (which you should be doing anyways…bass take a long time to mature) and carries down to leaving not even the smallest piece of trash. Break this rule and I guarantee you will have a surprise waiting for you the next time you try and fish that spot. Surprises will vary from newly installed bright lights to a guard waiting for your return.

write by Eudora

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