Baseball Uniforms – Trivia About Baseball Uniforms

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Like any game, uniform is very essential to teams as it shows that they are unified under the same emblem which represents their goal as a one team. But do you know how players got to wear their first baseball uniform? And what do they look like?

Here are some trivia that will surely inform you a lot about baseball uniforms.

1. Which team first wore a baseball uniform?

The first uniform wore by a team is by New York Knickerbockers. Alexander Cartwright, the owner, chose the first uniform. The uniform were white flannel shirts, wool pantaloons and straw hats. But the straw hats are not adequate in protecting the players.

2. Which team first wore knickers?

The first team who wore knickers instead of pants is Cincinnati Red Stockings. Their reason for wearing knickers is to display the red socks worn by the team. The owner’s wife conceptualized the design of the red socks.

3. Which team wore the first collarless jersey?

Unknown to many baseball uniforms then has collars and the first team to wear a collarless uniform is the New York Giants during their game in 1906.

4. When do striped baseball uniforms started?

The striped uniforms started in 1912 by the New York Yankees. Since then, it became the most popular uniform in world of sports.

5. When do numbers started to appear in baseball uniforms?

Numbers in uniforms started to appear in 1929, as first introduced by New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians. The numbers were placed at the back panel of the baseball uniform.

Numbers in New York Yankees were selected according to the player’s order of batting position, consequently, Babe Ruth was number three and Lou Gehrig was number four.

In 1932, placing a number in the uniform became a required practice in all Major League team.

6. Which is the first baseball club to retire a player’s number?

Retiring a player’s number brings nostalgia to fans but the first ever team to retire a player’s number is the New York Yankees.

This was done when the Yankees retire Lou Gehrig’s number four uniform. And since then, more than two hundred players were retired by their baseball clubs.

7. What is the first team to place a name at the back of baseball uniform?

The first team to place the player’s name at the back panel of the uniform is Chicago White Sox. Chicago White Sox introduced player’s name at the back panel in 1960.

8. Which is the highest auction price for a Major league baseball uniform?

The baseball uniform worn by Lou Gehrig was valued at $451,452 in an auction held in 1999. Gehrig wore the baseball uniform at the Yankee Stadium while giving his farewell speech.

In the end, the game baseball is indeed very exciting and we can see that uniform had also evolved from collared jersey up to today’s design. It is safe to say baseball uniform is also a great help in making this popular game more colorful.

write by Samuel Plummer

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