Appliqué Egg Cosy – Free sewing patterns


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Cotton print fabric: floral, patterned, plain, pink, red, greenWaste canvas, 14 countEmbroidery threadFusible interfacingRibbon: regularWool feltButtons

Dimensions List

5mm seam allowance used unless otherwise stated. Size is 6.5cm square.


Download and print the template at templates. Iron interfacing to pink, white, green and red fabrics, 6.5cm square. Using the templates, cut a large circle in pink, a small disc in white, a strawberry in red and leaves in green.


Iron the fruit and leaves onto the white, remove the paper, edge with blanket stitch, and add French knots to the strawberry. Following the template, prepare one front and back piece in floral and white. Iron the pink circle onto the main front, and edge in blanket stitch, press the strawberry appliqué to the pink, and edge in the same way.


Stitch the main cosy, right sides together, leaving the bottom unstitched. Sew the lining fabric as before, leaving a gap at the top. Turn the main cosy wrong side out, and place the lining inside.


Pin, then stitch the lining to the cosy along the bottom edge. Use the lining gap for turning the cosy right side out. Press, then seal the gap. Finish with a loop of ribbon and a tiny button.