As the first official Nike Basketball sneaker, the Nike Blazer Mid has been a key innovation for the brand. Soon, the leather silhouette will come out in a version just for women that takes design cues from performance and gives them a fashion-forward twist.

This new Nike sneaker gives you both old-school style and modern comfort

The new shoe from the Swoosh is called the Nike Blazer Mid Victory and is both familiar and new. Even though the overall shape and parts of the pair are similar to what came out in the 1970s, the sneaker is more like a luxury shoe than a sportswear option. Most of the upper is made of a mix of rough and smooth leather, and the profile swooshes and upper heel panels have been made bigger. Reinforcements along the tongue and around the forefoot also get a “facelift,” with leather in different colors replacing suede in the forefoot area. The exposed foam tongues lose their “barebones” look for something that looks more like a high-end pillow, and the lace rings give the Nike Blazer another touch of class. The women’s sneaker is finished off with a curved tread instead of the herringbone pattern that was there before.


The Victory is a pair of running shoes that is very breathable and flexible. This makes it easier to stay on your feet and give you enough grip so you don’t slip and slide. I’m pretty sure that the shoes’ comfort has something to do with how much lower your center of gravity is when you wear them.