Even though its 25th birthday was a big deal a year ago, the Air Jordan 12 has used 2022 to come out in a variety of new looks. A “Black” and “Taxi” one is a good example.

The colorways bring new life to a color palette with roots in the past

The upcoming retro is made of scale-covered leather and textured nubuck. It has a mostly black look that lets the smallest bit of contrast steal the show. Different shades of “Taxi,” a yellow color that first appeared on the original Jordan 12 in 1996, are used for everything from the “JUMPMAN” logo on the side of the midsole to the eyelets on the upper. Together, the colors above bring new life to a color palette and design that have roots in the past.


It’s no secret that the Air Jordan 12 is in higher demand than most other Air Jordan models. Part of this is because it has gotten so many great colorways since its first retro, which it has done very well with. And now, with this “Taxi” version, it looks like the 12 might be at the top of our release rankings again.