Adeline Skirt – Free sewing patterns


Corduroy, 1.2m (150cm)Lightweight fusible interfacingZip, 20cmButtons, twoHook and bar fastening



Cutting guide

Front skirt: cut one pairBack skirt: cut one pairFlap: cut two pairsWaistband: cut one in fabric and one in fusible interfacing1.5cm seam allowances used throughout, unless otherwise stated

Download the pattern, then print and follow the cutting guide. Neaten the side and centre-back edges of the back skirt. Fold and stitch the darts in place using the notches on the top of the back skirt. Press the darts towards the centre back. Match the back pieces together through the centre back, right sides facing.

Pin and stitch from the top of the split, marked with a notch, as far as the zip notch. Press in the seam allowance, within the zip opening, then pin and stitch the zip in place. Neaten the side edges of the front skirt. Match the centre-front edges together and stitch, then neaten the seam allowances together and press the seam to the lefthand side of the skirt. On the right-hand side of the seam edge, sew, then make another row of stitching 5mm away.

Position the two sets of flaps, right sides facing. Stitch the two together around the pointed edges, leaving the top straight edges open. Trim the seam allowance close to the seam line and turn the flaps to the right side. Tease out the corners and press flat. Position the flaps to the waistline at the notches marked on the pieces.

Match the front and back skirt pieces together along the side edges. Pin and stitch in place, then press the seams open. Fuse the interfacing to the waistband and on one of the long edges, press in the 1.5cm seam allowance. Position the unturned edge of the waistband along the waistline of the skirt, matching the raw edges together. The left-hand side of the waistband should have 1.5cm protruding from the edge of the zip and the right-hand side should have 2.5cm for the fastening.

Fold in 1.5cm on each end and position the folded pressed edge of the waistband, just over the first stitching line. Press in the fold at the top of the waistband, edge-stitch down one end and across the length of the band up across the opposite end from the right side of the band and make another row of stitching 5mm away.

Neaten the base of the skirt and press onto the inside of the skirt; repeat for the 2.5cm hem and the 1.5cm seam allowance of the split. Machinestitch the hem and split in place, making another row of stitching 5mm away from the first. Handstitch the hook and bar fastening to the ends of the waistband and the two buttons to the flaps.