Add an Inch to Your Arms in 30 Days

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Unless you work as a life guard, you probably wear a shirt most of your day. So massive pecs and cannonball deltoids aren’t visible. But your arms are. Most people don’t build mass on their arms for the simplest of reasons. They are out smarting themselves.

Massive arms are built the same way other body parts are, lifting a lot of weight. The problem is that they are small muscles as compared to back, chest and legs muscles, therefore moving a lot of weight with your arms is difficult. Some people think that it’s all relative, meaning smaller muscles will grow by moving proportionally smaller weight. Those people have small arms still. Trust me.

There comes a time when isolation exercises like bicep curls and triceps kickbacks does build mass. It’s when you already have mass and this allows you to throw around the amount of weight necessary to do it. Not to compare yourself to pro bodybuilders, but when they do isolated bicep curls they are using 80 pound and up dumbbells. Do you? Do you think they got arms big enough to do this by building up from the 20’s or so that you probably use? If so keep using them and wondering why aren’t my arms getting any bigger.

So what’s the answer to this weight lifting routine irony? Pull ups and full body weight dips. The average male can do 1 of each. That was 1. The reason is you need mass to do them. What builds that mass? Doing THEM. Not accepting lessor weights thinking you will “build up” to being able to do them. You won’t. How do you think you will ever build enough mass to lift a weight amount you never even try to lift? You won’t. So stop lifting like you will.

When you want to work your arms ONLY do pull ups and full body dips. You can modify each by doing only the negative of the pull up and dips off a bench for starters. By even doing this your arms are moving significantly more weight than you can curl or kickback. As soon as you are able to just 1 of each, never do the lessor modification again. Do your 1, rest and try to do 2. Soon 2 turns to 3, 3 to 4 and so on.

write by harris

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