A-Line Floral Skirt – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, 1.1mContrast fabric, 50cmFusible interfacingCoordinating threadButtons, six


72cm (Small), 78cm (Medium), 82cm (Large)1.5cm seam allowance used throughout.

Dimensions List

Front skirt: cut one pairBack skirt: cut one on the foldPocket back: cut one pair in contrasting fabricPocket lining: cut one pair in contrasting fabricWaistband: cut an 11cm x 78cm strip (Small), 11cm x 82cm (Medium), 11cm x 86cm (Large)Front opening facing: cut two 6.5cm x 61cm strips in contrast fabric

1 Go online to sewmag.co.uk/templates to download and print the templates provided. Cut out the pattern pieces using the cutting guide above for reference. Stitch the darts into the back skirt and press towards the centre back of the piece.

2 Position the pocket linings along the slanted edges at the top of the front skirt pieces, with the right sides of the fabric facing. Match the notches, then pin and stitch across. Turn the pocket linings to the wrong side of the skirt, tease out the seam and press flat. On the right side of the skirt, edgestitch then sew another row of stitching 1cm away from the first.

3 Position the pocket back pieces behind the pocket linings, matching the curves of the pocket bags and making sure the side edges run smoothly from below the edge of the pocket. Pin and stitch from the top waistline around the pocket bag to the side seams, neaten the edges, then press the pockets flat. From the wrong side, stitch another row, 1cm away from the first. Neaten the back and front side seams. Match the front and back skirt pieces together, pin and stitch, then press the seam allowances open. Neaten around the hem of the skirt.

4 Fold and press 1cm along one of the straight edges of the front opening facings, then match and pin the remaining long edge along each of the front opening edges of the skirt. Pin and stitch down the length of the skirt across the width of the facing. Trim the bulk from the corners at the base of the skirt, then turn the facing to the wrong side. Tease out the seams and press flat. Edgestitch the folded edges of the facing to the skirt.

5 Fuse the interfacing to the waistband. Fold and press in the 1.5cm seam allowance on both long edges of the waistband. Fold the waistband in half lengthways with the right sides of the fabric inside and stitch across each end. Trim the bulk from the corners and turn the waistband to the right side. Press flat, ensuring the original pressed edges are laying exactly in line with each other. Slot the open side of the waistband over the waistline of the skirt, pin in place, then carefully edgestitch through all the layers, continuing across the two ends and along the top of the waistband.

6 Fold and press the neatened hem of the skirt in line with the base of the front opening. Edgestitch, then make another row of stitching, 1cm above the first. Make a buttonhole in the right-hand side of the waistband, then add five more, evenly placed down the opening. Stitch the buttons to the corresponding places on the left-hand side of the opening.

7 Cut four 2cm x 8cm strips of contrasting fabric and neaten one side on each. Fold and press in the raw part of each strip, then fold the neatened edge over the top of them. Edgestitch to secure the folds. Fold and press in each end of the belt loop and position one edge in line with the top of the waistband and the other to the places indicated on the pattern pieces, two on the front and two on the back. Edgestitch to finish, back tacking at the top and bottom to secure the loops in place.