A Highly Effective Way to Get Your Girlfriend Back Using The Power of Psychology!

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Though you may think that appealing to your girlfriend’s sensitive side is the way to go, if you’ve been dumped, that’s the last thing you should be doing. Yet, instinctively for most guys, that seems to be the best that they can come up with. We trust in the fact that she still has feelings for us and she’s compassionate enough to be logical about the situation.

The reality is that things aren’t logical after a breakup – and you certainly aren’t going to appeal to her sensitive side anytime soon. Those are the cold hard facts. Even if she’s still in love with you, she’s going to be playing her cards close to her chest and not budging.

So at this point, things can go in one of two directions. You can give in to your emotions and incessantly call and text her (making things much worse than they need be), or you can start creating real attraction that is going to draw her closer to you over time. Most guys choose option one because they are impatient and their highly emotional state won’t allow them to think the situation through.

However, for the few individuals who are able to get a handle on things, make a plan for self improvement, and get on with their life, the situation can improve tremendously in a short period of time.

You see, it all comes down to psychology. You can’t force your girlfriend to love you. You can’t force her to feel a certain way about you. And you definitely can’t force the relationship. The only options you have at this point is to increase your appeal.

So, if you haven’t changed your wardrobe in a while, now may be the time. Additionally, you could lose some weight, build some muscle, get a more modern haircut, and extend your social circles. Do this, and you can bet that your ex girlfriend is going to take notice. One of the first things she’s going to feel is that she is at risk of losing her property. Yes, there’s a very good chance that, deep down, she still considers you her property.

The key to making this work is to make it appear that you aren’t trying – make it look like you’re simply getting on with your life. The results could surprise you.

write by Pat Guinn

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