You handed out your resumes and landed a bunch of interviews. Now comes the hard part of trying to explain why your ‘better then the next guy’ for the job. Interviews don’t have to be hard, scary or daunting in fact, following these 5 successful interview tips will have them begging to hire you!

The Five Most Essential Tips

1. Dress nice, this means no casual clothes (jeans, t-shirt) you need to step up your game and get a suit. This is your employer’s first impression of you so make it count!

2. Know your company, explain why you feel you have a personal connection with the organization and how you’re motivated to help the cause.

3. Keep your answers short. Less than 30 seconds is ideal.

4. Prepare by looking at lists of commonly asked questions, or get someone to mock test you.

5. Consider investing in a guide that explains the theory of interview questions and what each one is trying to uncover from you.

Getting over your fear

Interviews are, for most people, uncomfortable situations they go into with a drumming heart and sweaty palms. There exist many great websites which contain sufficient information on how to handle an interview. The best way to do well is to understand what the interviewer wants from you.

You must ask yourself, what is the purpose of each question? What are these questions trying to get from you?

For this, many people hire interview coaches which can end up being very costly. My suggestion would be to buy a mid ranged guide (30$ max) and some nice slacks. So study these 5 successful interview tips, and get ready to ace any interview you have in the future.

Now, Get Ready For Battle!

write by Mortimer