5 Guidelines For Choosing Bridal Party Gifts

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The day that two people get married is guaranteed to be one of the biggest days of their lives. They are surrounded by their loving friends and family and everyone is there to lend support and to show goodwill to the bride and groom.

Of course, support and goodwill aren’t the only things that people give to the bride and groom on their wedding day. Members of the bridal party sacrifice a lot of time, energy, and money to make sure everything goes smoothly from the wedding shower to the bachelor party to the big day itself.

The tradition of giving gifts to the members of your bridal party is the way that you show your appreciation for everything that they have done for you. Of course, finding these gifts can be stressful. You are already worrying about every little detail of your wedding day, and now you have to think about what you are going to buy for six bridesmaids and six groomsmen? That’s like twelve birthdays!

Don’t stress out though. Here are a few tips for picking gifts that will show your bridal party that all they have done has not gone unnoticed.

1. Spend accordingly.

Ask yourself this: how much has your bridal party had to spend? If it has been up to them to finance dresses that cost hundreds of dollars, expensive shoes, hotel rooms, and plane tickets, then you might want to treat them to something pretty nice.

The Lenox Botanical Butterfly Large Vase makes a fantastic gift that will show the members of your bridal party how much you care. It is made from Lenox ivory china and has blue and green colors trimmed with 24k gold. Intricate butterfly and flower patterns weave around the 9 1/2″ vase.

2. What would you want?

When you pick the members of your bridal party it is because these are the people who you are the closest to. You have all spent your lives together and, presumably, it is because you have a lot in common. So when you are looking at gifts, just ask yourself if it is something that you would like and appreciate.

Do you and your bridesmaids share jewelry? Do you seem to have the same tastes in accessories? If you like the Sterling Silver Tanzanite Circle Pendant Set, then you can be sure they will too. The pendant has gorgeous blue jewels encircling each other. This represents the circle of life. It comes on an 18″ sterling silver cable chain, and it also includes matching earrings.

3. Make it practical.

A t-shirt with the bride and groom’s faces silk-screened onto it might seem like a cute idea, but don’t be surprised if you see a few of them hanging at the local thrift store after a few months.

The Personalized Rubber Grip 13-Function Army Knife is something that the groomsmen in your bridal party can appreciate and will actually use. It includes a screwdriver, scissors, knife, bottle opener, nail file, corkscrew, saw, and more. You can also have two lines of 12 characters per line engraved on it. It is made of stainless steel and measures 2 1/4″ x 1/2″.

Remember, one of the reasons you buy gifts for your bridal party is so they can look at them years down the line and remember what a great time they had at your wedding. A practical purchase will ensure that this actually happens.

4. Mix it up.

Don’t feel like you have to get everyone the same thing. It is easy to just have a monogram put on a dozen of the same thing and hand it out to the members of your wedding party, but taking the time to personalize gifts shows that you really put some effort into it.

Maybe one of the groomsmen in your bridal party isn’t much of a beer and chips guy, but maybe he occasionally enjoys taking his girlfriend out to a nice BYOB. He is the perfect candidate for the 2 Section Wine Carry Bag. It is made of faux leather with a silver buckle and it can hold two bottles of wine. Don’t worry. You can still buy the rest of the guys pint glasses.

5. Follow your heart.

The people surrounding you on your wedding day are the most important human beings in your life. The members of your bridal party are the closest of all. Don’t be afraid to start early and look around. When you see the perfect gift you will know it.

The Personalized Victorian Silver Locket is in the shape of a heart, and it is the perfect gift for your flower girl. You can have a single initial engraved onto the front and it has a tiny locket that can be opened to reveal a picture. It has a thin chain and it measures 1/2″ by 12″ with an 18″ chain.

Remember that first and foremost, your wedding day is about the bride and groom. Getting gifts for your bridal party is important, but it is far from the most important thing. Primarily, the friends that are there to support you don’t really care what you get them. They just want to know that they are appreciated. A bridal party gift is a great way to do that.


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