10 Things You Didn't Know About Nike Dunk

This classic is one of the most recognized silhouettes in Nike history, The Nike Dunk was originally designed for basketball but inevitably transcended its roots and became a globally loved style that’s been adopted by generations across different demographics. Check out our 10 things you didn’t know about the legendary shoe with Sneaker house.

The Origin Of Nike Dunk

Peter Moore, a well-known Nike designer and the one who is credited with the conception of the Nike dunk, was also responsible for the design of the Air Jordan 1, which was launched just a few months previous to the publishing of the very first Nike dunk. The Air Jordan 1 and the Nike Dunk were both introduced at different times, therefore the numerals 10 and 10 do not relate to the same item.

The Nike Dunk was released two months after the Air Jordan 1. Not only were the Air Jordans and the Nike Dunks released at about the same time, but the Air Jordan was developed by the same well-known Nike designer, Peter Moore, who also designed the Nike Dunk. There are two reasons why this is crucial. Given that this is not the first pair of Nike Dunks to be made accessible to the general public, it is likely that a low-top version of the sneaker has previously been released. Despite this, throughout the first few years of the shoe’s manufacture, the Nike Dunk was only available in a high-top variant at initially.

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Nike Dunk Used To Be Overshadowed By Air Jordan 1

The far more popular Air Jordan 1, which debuted at the same time as the Nike Dunk, dramatically eclipsed the original look of the sneaker when it was first made available to the public. The Nike Dunks were immediately overshadowed and the significantly more popular Air Jordan 1 quickly pimped the Nike Dunks because of their obvious similarity to the Air Jordan 1 and the fact that they were launched months after their forerunner. This similarity was also due to the fact that the Nike Dunks were launched months after their forerunner. Both of these features contributed to the shoe’s striking resemblance to the Air Jordan 1, which is widely regarded as one of the most legendary basketball sneakers of all time.

However, in a bizarre turn of events, because the Nike Dunks were so readily available at retailers in the 1980s and were selling for such low prices, they were quickly pimped.

Why Did The Design Of The Shoe Draw Significantly From Other Nike Models?

Since sneakerheads have worn most Nike Dunks for years, you may have observed that the design of the shoe draws significantly from other Nike models. This is due to the fact that the design of the sneaker heavily pulls from earlier iterations of the Nike Dunk. It is vital to note that despite the fact that this shoe is a combination of four other shoes, it is really the only one that people remember from that time period.

This is something that should be taken into consideration. This sneaker was constructed using a nike legend sneaker mold and the outsole from an air jordan sneaker. Additionally, this sneaker used the outsole from an air jordan sneaker. Due to the fact that the Air Force and Air Jordan versions are the only ones that are known to have existed during that time period, I can only presume that they picked the absolute best specimens that were available at the time.

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Originally, The Nike Dunk Was A Hit Among College Students.

Because Nike Dunks were first developed to be worn by basketball players playing in college games, the phrase “college color highs” was often used to refer to these shoes for a considerable length of time. The continued use of Nike Dunks by college basketball players has insured that this brand name will be around for the foreseeable future. This served as the drive for coming up with a name for the product, and it was chosen accordingly. This design intention became more clearer when Nike released the “be loyal to your school” range of athletic apparel.

The “be loyal to your school” collection consisted of nothing more than a collection of dunks that were intended to be worn by college basketball players. These dunks were supposed to be worn by college basketball players. Dunks like this were designed specifically with collegiate basketball players in mind. The feet of college basketball players were kept in mind from the very beginning of the design process for this specific pair of Dunks, which was carried out by Nike. The label for the collection included the words “be loyal to your school,” which was also the collection’s motto and served as the collection’s tagline (be true to your school collection).

Only The Nike Dunk Contains An Air Unit In The Midsole

Although the nike dunk shares many design cues with the air jordan 1, it lacks the same cushioning setup. I’m not sure why this is, but I’m guessing it’s because the nike dunk was a more budget-friendly shoe at the time, and perhaps the lack of an air unit in the midsole helped keep the shoe’s price low. The nike dunk’s lack of an air unit in the midsole helped keep the shoe’s One more interesting fact about the Nike SB Dunks that I didn’t believe warranted its own section: only the nike sb dunks contain an air unit in the midsole.

As far as the list goes, Nike Dunks differ from the Air Jordans not only because they don’t feature an air unit in the midsole, as in the Air Jordan 1, but because the ankle flap is separated from top of ankle rather than being stitched down as in the Air Jordan 1 and it was popular in early 2000s for people wearing the shoes to leave this flap unlaced and let it flop around. the apothecary socks are a great option for anybody who wants to wear socks that look well with any pair of sneakers and that are also quite comfortable.

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Inspiration For The Creation Of The Nike Dunk

Even though Nike hasn’t released the nike sbdunks yet, you might think that the company is unaware that there is a community of skateboarders because they didn’t release the sbdunks until after the nike dunk became popular in the skate community. This is because Nike waited to release the sbdunks until after the dunk became popular in the skate community. The skateboarding community as a whole did not like these shoes at all, and as a result, all three silhouettes were a failure.

Finally, thank god, someone at Nike realized that the Nike Dunks were one of the most popular skateboarding shoes available, and Nike decided to pivot towards the Nike Dunks and get rid of those three other sneakers that noone cared about in the time in between locally, nike experimented with real Nike skateboarding shoes, but people didn’t like them. A series of sneaker experiments were conducted on the west coast of the United States and also in Japan, which led to the release of the nike dunk glow prob and the nike dunk co.jp. The nike dunk low pro b and the nike dunkloco.jp were the results of these sneaker experiments, and they were the inspiration for the creation of the nike dunk.

Nike Dunk Is For Skater

Because Nike was unclear of how well the Likes Dunk Glow would sell, the company did not originally make this shoe accessible to a particularly large number of skate shops when it was first released. Skate shops that were picked at random were given the option to buy a pair of shoes as a direct result of this event. These skate shops were, for a lengthy period of time, the only places where the shoe could be bought. However, as the Nike Sp Dunk Low gained popularity, skate shops began receiving an increasing amount of enquiries for this shoe from folks who skateboarded in addition to others who weren’t particularly interested in skating. These inquiries came from skateboarders.

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The Puffy Tongue Of The Nike SB Dunk Low To Be An Irritant

Eric Costin, a well-known skateboarder, was the one who initially had the idea of developing a new and enhanced model of the Nike SB Dunk Low shoe. At the beginning of the year 2000, Costin was finally able to put his plan into action and see it through to completion. Costin, who had worked for Nike on the company’s skate boarding team in the past, was aware that some skateboarders found the puffy tongue of the Nike SB Dunk Low to be an irritant. He was aware of this since he had worked for Nike in the past.

Due to the fact that Costin had worked for Nike in the past, he was aware of this information. As a result of the fact that Costin had worked for Nike in the past, he was aware of this particular detail. Since Costin had prior experience working with Nike, he was also aware of this particular facet of the company. These skateboarders believed that the tongue made it a significant amount more challenging for them to get their feet into the shoe than it otherwise would have been.

Varied Design Help Change The Quality.

In 2006, Nike debuted the first version of the sneaker that did not have a high or low top, and it was called the Nike Dunk Mid Pro. It’s hard to believe that in the twenty-plus years that the Nike Dunk has been around, there has never been a version of this shoe with a mid-top. Mid versions of every other sneaker are available here, including Air Jordans, Air Force Ones, and a bunch of other shoes the names of which escape me at the moment.

It’s hard to imagine that one of Nike’s A stitch and turn overlay was added to the sneaker’s toe, making it far more durable for skateboarding than the Nike Dunk High and Nike Dunk Low versions. But that’s exactly what happened. The stitch and turn overlay on the toe of all subsequent thesp dunks, regardless of whether they were highs or lows in height, found their way from the Nike dunk mid pro, despite the fact that the shoe’s popularity was never as great as that of the lows or highs. This was the case despite the fact that the shoe was originally designed for basketball players.

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Partnership Led To Good Result

Nike’s Dunk silhouette from the early 2000s was able to reach a significant level of economic success because of the various partnerships that took place on the sneaker. These collaborations included artists, musicians, and designers. If you are a supporter of the brand, there is a high possibility that you are already familiar with a number of the shoe’s most well-known partnerships. This is especially the case if you have purchased the shoe in question. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, a great number of fruitful collaborations were established, including the future and supreme’s Nike dunk lows, slam city skates, and Levi’s.

These partnerships made it feasible for newer ones to become a reality, like the chunky donkeys and the Travis Scott Nike dunk lows, for example. Do you remember when the Nike SB dunk lows that were created in collaboration with diamond supply and became viral on the internet? As a direct result of this, the only version of this shoe that I have access to is the high-top type, which has a retail price of thousands of dollars and is far beyond my limits financially. On the other hand, in the instance of the Nike Dunk Low, it was crucial partnerships such as these that were involved in building and popularizing the culture of shoe hype in which we are now enmeshed.


The Nike Dunk with its characteristic silhouette is one of the most popular skate shoes in history. With this post, we aimed to introduce you some aspects of this sneaker that are not very well-known and shed light on aspects that nowadays often get overlooked. In this posts,t you can see the original sketches from Tinker Hatfield’s portfolio, that prove that the Nike Dunk was much different from its predecessor. Moreover, we have listed some facts about colorways and retailers, who were important for the sneaker’s history and growth.